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Thermic oil pumps – MTT Series

Thermic oil pumps – MTT Series

Thermic oil pump MTT series is of horizontal, single-stage volute type and has a closed impeller. Two robust ball bearings support the shaft to provide extra stability, giving the pump a heat-resistant mechanical seal. I. Two Heavy-Duty Ball Bearings Support the Pump Shaft. Air Cooling Allows for Extra Efficiency and Low Maintenance. It Comes with A Heat-Resistant Mechanical Seal. It Comes with A Closed Impeller Which Enhances Pump Strength and Stability. Pumps Are Lighter in Weight and Easy to Install.

Thermic oil pump MTT series transports highly abrasive fluid, which makes it ideal for use in heat transfer facilities like Handling of High-Temperature Oil. It handles other fluids in the construction, petrochemical and oil industries at various stages. The synthetic fibre industries, along with other similar production units like textile, dyeing and printing materials need high temperature circulating fluids and hence deploy our thermic pump.

Applications of thermic pumps are in food industries plastic and rubber plants, Textile and synthetic fibre industries, sago industries, petrochemical and oil industries.

MTT Thermic Pumps technical spec

Thermal Fluid – Up to 750m³/h

Hot water – Up to 750m³/h

Thermal Fluid – 8 to 110m

Hot water – 8 to 110m

Thermal Fluid – 350°c

Hot water – 80°c to 200°c

Thermal Fluid – 16 bar

Hot water – 16 bar

Thermal Fluid – 960 , 1440, 2880

Hot water – 960 , 1440, 2880