Maac Turbo Process Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

Who We Are

With our 25 + years of vast experience in handling Chemical, Paper and Petrochemical industries with various processes like Pumping, gas compression and process control and Instrumentation experience,  we are manufacturing Chemical and Process pumps of ISO 2858 / 5199 standards. With our own in house Design & Development, Machine shop with advanced testing lab, we develop the pumps with indigenization and supplying to various applications like Chemical process, Utility, Sewage & Slurry, vertical sump. With strict quality policy like Design verification, Selection of material , Material quality inspection, dimensions check , Ultrasonic and Radio graph, Dye penetrant test, rotor Balancing , performance test & Routine test, we ensure the products are well meets the customer requirement and maintenance free for long term. With a disciplined manufacturing process, we manufacture standardized and customized pumps to meet the customer’s real life expectations and overcome operation challenges.