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End Suction Back Pull Out Pumps – MTC

End Suction Back Pull Out Pumps – MTC

Designed with cutting-edge technology, our centrifugal pumps are of End Suction top Discharge pump type. Single Stage Overhung technology allows you to control the flow and pressure of our end suction centrifugal pumps. Our frame-mounted pumps are equipped with Horizontal Orientation and Radial Split case to allow you easy access to other internal components, easing the maintenance process. Our close-coupled pumps are specially designed for Heavy duty Chemical Processes as per the DIN EN 22858/ISO 2858 standard for extreme quality, high compatibility, and to provide the best performance by facilitating maintenance without disturbing the motor alignment.

All our Inline pumps are equipped with a single, basic hydraulic and mechanical design concept. This concept is adapted in our C FIPP pumps to ensure efficiency across a wide spectrum of operating conditions, unmatched application flexibility, and superior interchangeability to work as efficiently as your beating heart!

  • Close-coupled pumps manufactured fully in compliance with DIN EN 22858/ISO 2858
  • Radially split single-casing pumps with flanged connections for easy maintenance
  • Horizontal end suction pump with vertical discharge line and a centre alignment to ensure efficient fluid transfer
  • End suction centrifugal pumps with Close, Open, and Semi-Open impellers to match different applications.
  • Grease and Flooded oil lubricated bearings with our Frame-mounted pumps
  • Our back pull-out pumps are equipped with Gland Packed / mechanical seal for increased adaptability.
  • Back Pull-Out design for effective and cost-efficient maintenance.
  • Optimum Efficiency- Maximum output for a minimum price!
  • Various materials of construction available for various application needs, promising a versatile, reliable, and adaptable pump.
  • Mechanical seal for long-lasting durability
  • Compact design for effective space utilization and enhanced functionality.
  • Testing Standard: ISO5199, HI standards
  • Construction standard: ISO2858
  • Single Mechanical Seal is suitable for all the models in this segment ensuring extreme user-friendliness in our end suction centrifugal pumps
  • Manufacturer standard Double mechanical seal is possible in all the models for robust and reliable seals.
  • API mechanical seal can be offered according to the size of the Inline pump. 
  • Oil Lubricated for thicker lubrication and easy maintenance
  • Stainless Steel SS316
  • Stainless Steel SS304
  • Duplex Stainless Steel
  • Super Duplex Stainless Steel
  • Nickel Alloys