Maac Turbo Process Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

Poly Propylene Pump : MTP – Series


As one of the best PP Pump Manufacturers, we introduce you to our Poly Propylene and Polyvinylidene pumps. It offers an advantageous acid compatibility. Our Centrifugal PP Pumps are used for high-corrosive applications like Acids, and petrochemicals liquids. Aside from a few high-concentration acids, PP can easily withstand a prolonged exposure to a wide variety of acidic chemicals.

As strong as a bull! Due to high resistance, our corrosion – resistant pumps can run for a longer time with less corrosion thus maintaining the designed performance and efficiency. Not only our non- metallic pumps, but the solutions they provide are also durable!

  • PP Pumps and PVDF Pumps provide excellent resistance against corrosion and acids.
  • Racially split casings, Impellers, and seal housing of PP and PVDF for feather-light plastic pumps.
  • Our Corrosion- resistant PP Centrifugal Pumps provide high corrosion resistance and help in handling almost all acids and corrosive mediums.
  • Standard Design Pumps with portable spares within different models, for easier upgradation
  • Casing, Impeller & Seal housing: PP & PVDF wetted parts for enhanced efficiency in our PP Pumps
  • Bearing assembly: SG Iron, cast iron for complete stability to heat in our non- metallic pumps
  • Flow : 3 to 70 M3/hr
  • Head : 5 to 60 meters.
  • Speed : 1440 / 2880.
  • Sealing : Teflon Bellow Seal, Cartridge Seal
  • Suction size: 25 mm 75 mm
  • Discharge size: 25 mm – 50 mm