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Monoblock Polypropylene pumps : MTPM – Series

Monoblock Polypropylene pumps - MTPM Series

As said for Monoblock pumps Maac Turbo chemical monoblock polypropylene pumps MTPM series is an essential member of our MT series and its Characteristics plays highly versatile in vast applications. Our polypropylene monoblock type is tough and chemically un reactive. It can operate at high head and capacity. Same like MTCM series. Monoblock pumps have the advantage of avoiding transmission losses and hence can operate at 10% extra efficiency. The pump is designed to deliver highly efficient results, consumes less power and is very balanced in operations.

MTPM pumps are excellent for transferring and loading chemicals like sulphuric acid, sodium silicate, nitric acid, caustic lime liquid, etc. It is well working for pickling line and scrubber applications since they are highly efficient. It can with stand high temperatures and pressures. And hence this high capacity operation pumps in fuel handling tasks, processing and separation.

Monoblock pumps are widely used in steel manufacturing, water treatment, gas scrubbing, oil and gas, metal finishing industry, chemical plants etc…

5 to 60 mtrs

Up to 50mm/70mm

 (1440, 2880) rpm

Teflon bellow seal, cartridge seal